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"It grows the church in so many ways."

P. Quinn

"It's the missing piece to the puzzle."

Pst. Tim K

"An Apostolic ministry given through Prophetic anointing with an Evangelistic thrust to Teach believers how to share Christ with a Pastors heart."

Pst Johan E
South Africa

"It's a completing ministry for the church."

Mary Hudson

"The best concept of a New Testament church I've ever seen." "

Pst. Ron H

"Want success in reaching the lost, help wavering sheep, build strong leaders? Dr. Judy brings success for your church."

Pst Sam C

"We can't say enough about Dr. Judy Bauer. Working with her has paid off in all areas of our church. It is the real back-bone for our church"

Pst. D. Garner

"Dr. Judy Bauer has the best evangelism and discipleship training ministry in the world."

Dr. Dennis Burke

"I'm going to equip you with a fresh formula and a fresh blueprint of My anointing and it will be an advance unto My kingdom."

Word given through prophet Chuck Flynn in 1973


Dr Judy has a God-given, anointed, time-tested and proven ministry spanning 40 years in over 20 countries helping churches grow and thrive.

Some Benefits of THE PLAN


+ Individual Christians experience true "Book of Acts" ministry bringing people to Christ, ministering healing, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and mentorship to others through 10 Follow-Up Bible lessons and the Process 4 ProgressTM.
+ Visitors, new converts and church family needs are met.
+ Closes the revolving back door and opens the front door wider.
+ Brings Christians to maturity as they disciple others.
+ Builds new relationships and enlarges friendship circles.
+ Raises up leaders. (Hot house affect)
+ Experience GROWTH in: Small groups, in-house departments and ministries, seniors, outreach events, etc.



  • Members become proficient in conversationally and relationally sharing the Gospel, healing, baptism in the Holy Spirit and making disciples adding to the church.
  • Needs of the church family, visitors and new believers are met through anointed, trained believers from within the congregation. 
  • These trained believers also reach into their spheres of influence bringing their friends, family and co-workers to Christ.
  • Church grows spiritually, numerically and financially. (Financially: Annual income added with 6 new families $21,600. With 50 families $180,000 and 100 families $360,000.)
  • Receive more help. No longer begging for volunteers
  • Know the pulse of your overall congregation. (weekly results and miracles.)
  • IMAGINE... your load of caring for the sheep is lifted.
  • Avoid burnout as the needs of your flock are met through the congregation. (no longer feel like you're pulling the wagon by yourself)
  • Your joy factor increases as people are actively fulfilling ministry throughout the church and beyond the walls.
  • Know greater fulfillment in the pulpit as your congregation has given out during the week and are ready to be fed. (outgo before income)
  • Church overall grows, thrives and comes alive!


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